Flying on the Ice


Saturday  February 15, 2014
Canadian and US pilots to meet each other at our common border line on the ice of international Lake Memphremagog, part in Quebec and part in Vermont.

Planes should plan to arrive between 11 am and 1 pm.  We will finish by 3.  Bring some lunch and a lawn chair or something to sit on to be comfortable while we talk across the border with each other.  There will be a BBQ set up on the border to cook on if you bring it.   Most of the time the ice is nearly 2 feet thick with many pickups and ice fishing buildings.  Most snow blows west to east off the ice toward the island..  THERE IS A SMALL THIN ICE OR, OPEN WATER AREA NEXT TO THE ISLAND ABOUT A THOUSAND FEET NORTH OF THE BORDER WEST OF THE ISLAND.

The meet location is due north of the Newport, VT airport EFK on the 45th parallel on Lake Memphremagog just west of Providence Island in the middle of the lake whose southern tip is in the US.  The border is easily seen as there is a line about 20 feet wide cut across the island and continuing from coast to coast, about 3,000 miles.

EVERYONE FLYS AT THEIR OWN RISK.  IF YOU DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ICE CONDITIONS, PEOPLE, SHACKS, PICKUPS, SNOWMOBILES, ETC ON THE ICE, YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES YOURSELF.  THERE IS NO INSURANCE OR UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION.   I started this activity to promote Canadian and US aviation get togethers without having to have passports or go through Customs.  It is unique and I hope it can continue.

These events are a unique opportunity for Canadian and American aircraft owners to get to see each other without having passports or special aircraft permissions. Canadian RCMP and US Border Patrol officials are usually on site.  With the constantly increasing restrictions at the Canada–USA border, it is a unique opportunity for us to show authorities that small aircraft are not a big threat, and can even be helpful in discovering a threat.

To join the mailing list to keep up to date with any new information, please contact:

Information is also on the EAA events calendar within 50 miles of Newport, VT  (identifier EFK)

Past events and pictures

We held our fourth annual Ski Fly Meet on Lake Memphremagog on Sunday February 19 2012 where we flew onto the ice on our respective sides of the border and met at the border line.

Attendee Pictures

The border cut line looking east

Looking east-border cut line straight ahead, US fishing shacks on right

Georges bluebird left and american plane right

My Canadian plane Bluebird on left, US plane on right of border cut line

Shaking hands across border obelisk

Attendees planes and some officials

Attendees, aeroplanes, and border officials

We had special permissions from the border authorities:

Good day Mr. Weller,

I am glad to learn that you are organizing another event.  I have consulted Fernando Beltran, Patrol Agent in Charge of Newport Station United States Border Patrol and Miguel Begin, area Ports Director for the Canada Border Services Agency.  Both are in agreement with your request and Mr. Beltran is comfortable with you having minor contact across the line.  There must be no exchange of goods and no crossing the line with intent to enter the country to stay without reporting.

I have requested Pierre Fortier from our Integrated Border Enforcement Team to be your contact and to take care of any further coordination that is needed.  Please feel free to contact Pierre at tel: 819-876-2372.

All the best for a successful event!

Greg Bishop, Sgt.
Eastern IBET/ ÉIPF de l’Est
Stanstead/ St.Georges

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